-Trays are made of 1mm thk. Aluminium sheets.
- Modular size: 600mm High x450mm Width x 100mm Depth                      
- Fixing brackets - 1mm 16 x19mmx50mm Galvalume Metal Furring
- Complete with irrigation and drainage system
- Perimeter flashing and bottom gutter, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.
- With 10-years guarantee  
- Unitized panels designed for strong wind resistance and 'anti-uproot'.  
- Maximum height limit: none. Suitable for low and for multi-storey application.

Unlike pvc or plastic trays, Jelite Living Wall Unitized Panel System is environment
friendly,degredable and UV resistant. Panels are waterproof sealed to protect  the back
wall from water damage with substantial savings on expensive waterproofing membrane.
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Outdoor and Indoor Vertical Gardens

Build your own living wall like professional landscapers. Easy to install. Choose
your design concept such as: Rainforest, Fresh meadows, Green carpet and
more...Transform your idle walls into a beautiful living wall garden. Help the
environment by planting, make the air clean and your place cooler

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